About Me

What's there about me?

Sophia Novita is a linguistically versatile individual fluent in English, Bahasa Indonesia, conversational Javanese, and Mandarin. Her journey from lecturer to Project Manager in Singapore culminated in her current role as a dedicated Financial Consultant, showcasing her adaptability, leadership, and holistic expertise.

Financial Planning

Unlock your financial potential with expert guidance! Sophia specialises in simplifying financial planning, ensuring your journey to success is smooth. Ready to take charge of your finances? Contact Sophia today!


Empower your communication! For seamless English to Bahasa Indonesia interpretation or manuscript translation, reach out to me. Let's bridge languages and connect effectively! Contact now.

Visual Plus

who doesn't love pretty visual? I do!
Elevate your visuals to stunning heights! Transform ordinary into extraordinary with our expertise. Let's make your graphics breathtakingly beautiful – get in touch to bring your vision to life now!