How to get extra 5KG for free in SCOOT using UOB KrisFlyer?


After almost a year, finally we got a revelation of how the UOB Krisflyer Credit/Debit Card can claimed all the benefits they said they have.

Do you know that you can earn KrisFlyer miles and interest when you spend and save on your KrisFlyer UOB Debit Card and Account.

What are the benefits for scoot? You can check it the latest updates in the UOB website

  • Priority check-in and boarding
  • Additional baggage allowance (currently is +5kg)
  • Standard seat selection
  • Booking Flexibility Waiver

However…….. you cannot book through a normal website. In UOB website, they have put the link, which I have never pay attention before ! omo. Hence if you would like to enjoy the scoot benefits, it’s a must to book via this link.

Basically you know that you are in the right page when you see the KrisFlyer UOB Credit/Debit Card in the page like the following:

If you are in seeing this page, it means you are in the regular scoot website. You will not be able to get the KrisFlyer UOB Scoot’s Benefit

You can continue to login. and the next page is just very simple page, unlike the regular scoot website. You will only see 3 tabs: overview, profile and make a booking. But they listed out all the terms and conditions for your privileges in the “Overview” tab.

I am definitely going to make use of this benefit!

Hope this information give you a revelation as well đŸ˜€